.Why do I have to become a member to buy clothing?

Døtch Studios is a member based clothing brand where we want to have the ability to control the amount of people that buy our clothing. We are working with a limited amount of fabrics, so we can never produce enough for everyone.

.How can I become a member?

To become a member you have to apply for membership on the shop page by filling in the requested information. Thereafter, you will be put on our waiting list and when a spot opens up, you will be informed immediately via e-mail where you will be invited to create an account.

.How can I buy the clothing?

We work on a drop basis opening the shop once or a few times in a season. You can always see the next pre-order date once you have entered the shop. Once the site is open, you are able to place an order. You cannot place an order before the release date.

.How long is the shop open for?

We keep all of our products limited and the site closes when we are sold out. 

.Why is everything sold out when I enter the shop?

Due to the very high demand for our clothing and a limited amount of fabric supplied, our clothing sells out pretty fast. We advise to check the website sooner and more often.

.What is the max amount of products I can buy in 1 order?

To give everyone a chance for buying clothing from Døtch Studios, there’s a limit of 3 products you can buy in 1 order.

.How can I track my package?

After every purchase, all members receive a link in their confirmation mail where they can track their package. If doesn’t work or something went wrong, contact info@dotchstudios.com

.When will my order be shipped?

Once you’ve place your order, we’ll start the handling process and you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. If you order from the website, it can take up to 2 weeks to be shipped out. When you pre-order an item it can take up to 4 weeks op shipping due to the fact that we work with a sustainable system. During our busiest hours the webshop could also potentially oversell an item which isn’t in stock anymore. This is because orders placed seconds ago could still be in progress on our part. If this were to happen, we’ll contact you personally as soon as possible providing you with one of two options: we can cancel your order and refund you for the same amount, or: We can leave your order open for the next restock guaranteeing its shipment at this.

.Did not get an answer to your question?

Feel free to reach out to us at info@dotchstudios.com and we'll provide you with an answer as soon as possible!